Known bugs in NAADSM

Known bugs in NAADSM version 4.0.13

Listed below are all known problems with the current version (4.0.13) of NAADSM/PC and NAADSM/SC. Users are encouraged to check this page frequently for the most current information regarding known problems and bug fixes. Refer to the version history for descriptions of problems fixed in various releases of NAADSM.

Priorities legend

Priority 1Urgent: Programming bugs or model implementation errors that may result in incorrect calculations or data loss.
Priority 2High: Important new feature requests; bugs that may cause the application to crash unexpectedly but do not cause data loss or invalid results.
Priority 3Intermediate: Useful new feature requests; bugs that pose no risk to data quality but may result in unexpected behaviors.
Priority 4Low: New feature requests; interface problems that have slight impact on program operation.
Priority 5As time allows: New feature requests; bugs that pose minor inconveniences or cosmetic problems but do not affect program function.
Priority undefinedPriority has not yet been set.

Bugs in version 4.0.13

Bug list last updated: 5-Aug-2013 7:02:51 PM

Priority 2

Bug (PC and SC)
Long-running scenarios consume too much memory, causing the application to crash [Details]

Date listed: 13-Sep-2011
Found in: 3.2.17

Priority 2

Bug (PC and SC)
When using vaccination, NAADSM may occasionally generate an error message and crash. [Details]

Date listed: 29-Sep-2011
Found in: 3.2.17

Priority 3

New feature (PC only)
When the single-iteration output summary screens are updated while an iteration is in progress, the selected production type will be reset to "All production types". [Details]

Date listed: 2-Dec-2005
Found in: 3.0.64