Known bugs in NAADSM

Known bugs in NAADSM version 4.0.12

Listed below are problems originally identified in NAADSM/PC and NAADSM/SC, version 4.0.12. This list may not be comprehensive: problems discovered in more recent versions may or may not exist in this version as well. Most users should obtain the current version of NAADSM, Unless there is a specific need for an older version. Please refer to the version history for descriptions of problems fixed in various releases of NAADSM.

Priorities legend

Priority 1Urgent: Programming bugs or model implementation errors that may result in incorrect calculations or data loss.
Priority 2High: Important new feature requests; bugs that may cause the application to crash unexpectedly but do not cause data loss or invalid results.
Priority 3Intermediate: Useful new feature requests; bugs that pose no risk to data quality but may result in unexpected behaviors.
Priority 4Low: New feature requests; interface problems that have slight impact on program operation.
Priority 5As time allows: New feature requests; bugs that pose minor inconveniences or cosmetic problems but do not affect program function.
Priority undefinedPriority has not yet been set.

Bugs in version 4.0.12

Bug list last updated: 5-Aug-2013 7:02:51 PM

Priority 1

Bug (PC and SC) FIXED
Forbidden contacts between units in different zones may still occur. [Details]

Date listed: 6-Jun-2013
Found in: 4.0.12
Fixed in: 4.0.13