The NAADSM model specification

The NAADSM model specification is the most important document for the NAADSM project. The specification describes all of the approaches and assumptions of the model. Every NAADSM user should read and be familiar with the model specification.

Versions and version history

Multiple versions of the NAADSM application have been released. Please see NAADSM versioning and the Version history for information about how version numbers are assigned, and what changes appear in each version of the model.

The NAADSM User's Guide

The User's Guide for NAADSM is the primary source of information for users of NAADSM. Among the topics covered in the Guide are:

  • Basic principles of stochastic modeling
  • The conceptual design of NAADSM
  • Input parameters required for NAADSM
  • Operation of the NAADSM/PC application
  • Output from an NAADSM simulation

Outputs generated by NAADSM

Beginning with the release of NAADSM 3.2, descriptions of outputs generated by NAADSM are available via the website, rather than as an appendix in the user's guide. This allows for more timely updates as new outputs are generated and stored. Output descriptions can be found on the pages listed below:

The NAADSM support forums

The NAADSM Support Forums offer a way for NAADSM users, designers, and developers to interact with one another and offer assistance or information about the NAADSM application, disease modeling, and other related topics. Answers to commonly asked questions and late-breaking information relevant to all members of the community can be found here.

The forums are open to participation by anyone. NAADSM users are strongly encouraged to make use of them, so that we can all benefit from another's knowledge and experience.

Technical papers

NAADSM technical papers discuss a variety of technical topics of potential interest to NAADSM users and other disease models.

Programmer's documentation

Documentation for application programmers is included with the NAADSM source code.