Download & install NAADSM/PC


Users are asked to register their copies of NAADSM. Registration is quick and simple, and provides the Development Team with the means to keep users up to date regarding bug fixes, the introduction of new features, and the publication of new releases.


Installation of NAADSM/PC should be straight-forward, and takes only a few steps. Just download the desired installation package for NAADSM/PC from the appropriate link below. Once you have saved the installation package to your computer, double-click its icon to perform the installation. Follow the on-screen prompts if you wish to change any of the default installation options.

Current versions of NAADSM

There are currently two major versions of NAADSM in use. These are NAADSM 4.0 and NAADSM 3.3. Which of these versions you should use depends heavily on the nature of your work. It may be helpful to review a description of the major differences between them, as well as the model specifications for these two versions.

Please see the version history for a list of changes made in each version. Also, please be sure to review the list of known problems and bugs to obtain the latest information about the program.

NAADSM/PC installation packages

The most recent release of NAADSM/PC 4.0 is version 4.0.13.

The most recent release of NAADSM/PC 3.3 is version 3.3.2.

Older versions of NAADSM/PC

While the most current version of NAADSM/PC is recommended, an archive of older versions is available.