Experimental version Cheyenne

In Cheyenne, quarantined units are allowed to be recipients of direct contact. Inputs are compatible between Cheyenne and the standard version of NAADSM/PC.

The installation procedure for Cheyenne is similar to the procedure for the standard version of NAADSM.

Cheyenne 3.1

Cheyenne 3.0

Download source code for Cheyenne

Source code for Cheyenne requires the same additional components and libraries as the corresponding standard version of NAADSM/PC.

Source code for newer versions of Cheyenne

As of version 3.0.84, the same source code is used for both the standard version of NAADSM as well as Cheyenne: conditional compilation is used to determine whether the standard version or Cheyenne will be built.

Source code for Cheyenne version 3.0.82

Source code for Cheyenne version 3.0.80