Experimental version Torrington

In Torrington, initially infected units are selected at random, so simulated outbreaks start at a different location for each iteration, rather than always at the same starting location. This version was created for the US Department of Agriculture - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service - Veterinary Services - Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health for simulations of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza and Foot-and-Mouth Disease.

Using Torrington

Inputs are compatible between Torrington and the standard version of NAADSM/PC.

Initially infected units are specified as in standard versions of NAADSM, as described in the NAADSM User's Guide. When a simulation is run, Torrington will determine how many units of each production type the user specified for each disease state: that is, the program determines how many units of each type were initially latent, subclinical, clinical, etc. At the start of each iteration, Torrington then chooses the appropriate number of units of each production type at random from the population, and assigns the appropriate disease states to these units. In this way, each simulated outbreak starts in a randomly selected geographic location (depending on the distributions of units of each production type), rather than always starting in exactly the same location.

As in the base version of NAADSM, you may specify as many initially infected, vaccine-immune, or destroyed units as you would like in Torrington. You are not limited to specifying a single initially infected unit.

Two features from the standard version of NAADSM are not currently available in Torrington: users cannot specify the number of days that a unit has been in its initial disease state, nor can users specify how many days are remaining in each unit's current disease state. These features are describes in the NAADSM User's Guide.

Installing Torrington

The installation procedure for Torrington is similar to the procedure for the standard version of NAADSM.

Torrington 3.2

Torrington 3.1

Note: Torrington version 3.1 is provided for archival purposes only, and is no longer supported. Be aware that errors may exist in this older version, which have been corrected in later versions. Unless you have a specific need for this version, please use the latest version of Torrington 3.2.

Source code for Torrington

Source code for Torrington requires the same additional components and libraries as the corresponding standard version of NAADSM/PC. The same source code is used for both the standard version of NAADSM as well as Torrington: conditional compilation is used to determine whether the standard version or Torrington will be built.