NAADSM 3.3 now available


A new version of NAADSM, version 3.3, is now available for download. This new release builds on capabilities introduced in two experimental versions, 'Torrington' and 'Wheatland'.

In NAADSM 3.3, the units initially infected at the start of each iteration may be selected at random. This capability has been used to ensure that conclusions base on a particular model are not unduly influenced by the location or other characteristics of any single unit in the population dataset.

To use this new capability, use the menu command Scenario Parameters → Units → Initial unit options to access the Initial unit options parameter window. On this screen, specify the number and disease state of initially infected units, and the production type(s) and/or geographic range from which to randomly select initially infected units. For each iteration of the model, the appropriate number of units that meet the specified criteria will be selected at random as the locations from which disease might spread during that particular simulated outbreak.

As always, users are encouraged to let us know (via the online support forums or by contacting the development team) of any questions, comments, or problems encountered with NAADSM 3.3.