Updated experimental version 'Riverton' now available


In conjunction with the recent release of NAADSM 3.3, an updated version of NAADSM-Riverton is also now available for download.

In this experimental version, units that have progressed to the 'naturally immune' state are not included in destruction or vaccination programs. This version was created for researchers from Manitoba Agriculture, Food, and Rural Initiatives in order to explore alternative depopulation strategies for the control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza.

The 'naturally immune' disease state in 'Riverton' acts in most respects like the 'dead from disease' state in NAADSM 4.0. Most users who wish to utilize this capability are encouraged to use NAADSM 4.0, which includes much more robust handling of units in the 'dead from disease' state. 'Riverton' is available, however, for users of NAADSM 3.x who wish to represent units in the 'dead from disease' state without having to update other model parameters.