Differences between NAADSM 3 and NAADSM 4?

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What are the differences between NAADSM 3 and NAADSM 4? Is there a list of the changes? Which one should I be using?

Re: Differences between NAADSM 3 and NAADSM 4?

There are several sources of information that describe the differences between NAADSM 3 and NAADSM 4:

Which version to use is maybe less straight-forward. Version 4 was produced in order to correct recognized deficiencies in version 3. If you are undertaking new research, we recommend that you use version 4. The most substantial difference that most users will have to deal with has to do with the way airborne and local-area spread are handles. Users should take the time to understand this mechanism in version 4. The following technical papers are highly recommended reading for users of NAADSM 4:

NAADSM 4 is relatively new, and although has been subjected to very thorough testing to ensure that the application functions correctly, to date, relatively few people have used it for research purposes. Hence, there will be a learning curve associated with it. If you use NAADSM 4 for research ("production") purposes, we invite you to contact us (either via this support forum or via our online contact form) if you have any questions or encounter any problems. We are happy to provide assistance and collaborate with you (at least as much as possible, given available resources).

If you are continuing or resuming work that was originally conducted with NAADSM 3, you may wish to stick with this version. Although it is our opinion that this version is not as scientifically sound as NAADSM 4, it will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future.


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