Suggested edits to Model Description for NAADSM Version 3.2

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I've reviewed the NAADSM Model Description for Version 3.2 (Model Description Version 1.2.1, October 25, 2010) and would like to make a few suggestions: - Page A-15, first paragraph, last sentence. Change text to read: "Separate parameters are specified for each of these pairs since the direct-contact among different production-types may vary." - Page A-17, example 6. The example concludes with a description of which units are excluded from receiving shipments; however, the example would be more helpful if it was expanded to include discussion about which unit is eligible to receive shipments (e.g. Unit 2). - Page A-22, second paragraph. Given changes in NAADSM version 3.2, the following sentence should be removed or modified to reflect the user's ability to detect units identified by tracing/surveillance: "Surveillance does not affect disease detection: that is, units subject to surveillance which become infected are no more likely to be detected than other units of the same production type." - Page A-28, fourth and fifth parameters specified separately for every production type. My recommendation would be to expand both of these bullets to include the new parameters that must be specified given the modifications made to trace surveillance (i.e. indication of whether units of this production type will be destroyed if they have had direct contact with a detected unit as identified by trace forward, etc.) - Page A-37, second parameter for effects of vaccination. Change text to read: "immune period (days)"




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