Memory leak, possibly in the core model?

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A user reported what looks like a memory leak in NAADSM 3.2. In a test run on Windows, the scenario consumed 76 MB of RAM at the start of the first iteration. By the end of the first iteration, 137 MB of RAM were used. At the start of iteration 2, 137 MB of RAM were still in use by the application. I would have expected a considerable drop in memory usage when the second iteration started.

I have run the scenario with EurekaLog (the Delphi/Windows equivalent of Electric Fence) to check for memory leaks in the GUI. None were found.

It is likely that the same problem occurs in NAADSM 4.

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Title:Memory leak, probably in the core model?» Memory leak, possibly in the core model?


The specific error message reported is "gpc malloc failure: edge table creation". It occurs in the PC version as well as on SharcNet in the supercomputer version.

The scenario in the attached ZIP file apparently causes the problem to occur on occasion.

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