User Interface For Direct Government Cost

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Category:application testing
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Scenarios of three hypothetical types of production created to test direct cost accounting calculation with focus on cost of disease. The test revisited issues reported before on cost accounting. The test included the three options available in NAADSM to always calculate costs (appraisal, indemnity, cleaning and disinfection, and disposal), consider such costs after animals queued for destruction, or never consider costs for the death from the disease. The test concludes that costs calculation process is now correct. The issues reported on the cost calculation are all fixed now. However, the user interface graph that shows the cost results is not correct in the case when the user‘s choice is “Never Allow Costs for Death from the Disease”. Saving the output files shows that the total cost varies from one iteration to another but the frequency graph shows only one cost category. The scenario used, output files, and snap shot of the graph are attached.
Beta_Cost_accounting_Test_4_09_Death_from_Diease_Cost_for.mdb5.73 MB
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I cannot reproduce the results shown with the parameters given, but a look at the data shown indicates that the histogram is correct. There is very little variation in the case of "never allow costs for death from the disease": the range of total costs runs from 3.310 million to 3.318 million, a minor difference which is reflected in the way the histogram is scaled.