Runtime Errors for End to End NAADSM 4.09 Beta Testing

Category:application testing
Priority:as time allows
Assigned:Aaron Reeves

Complete end-to-end scenarios were tested using PC NAADSM beta 4.09. Two runs of the selected scenario were considered for this testing. The first scenario included animals population file which consists of ten states in the U.S. (Kansas and neighboring states). The second scenario included population file for only the state of Kansas animals population. The second scenario was considered to study the impact of both very large and medium size animals’ population files. Each scenario included eight types of production cow-calf, dairy, large swine, small swine, large feedlot, small feedlot, sheep, and goats. Both scenarios validity testing shows no problems. Testing of both scenarios shows Runtime error! as follow: "The application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way". Kansas only scenario file and screen snap shot that shows the error are attached. Chad and Eihab tested these end-to-end scenarios.

Kansas SW beta testing 3.zip2.54 MB
Runtime error 409 beta testing 3.pdf44 KB



Priority:not yet set» as time allows
Assigned to:guest» Aaron Reeves

When the size of a scenario exceeds the amount of random access memory (RAM) available in a computer, this message occurs. Unfortunately, there is little from a development standpoint that can be done.