Should the WH infectiousness curve be allowed to be equal to the WHP curve?

Category:bug report
Priority:no action planned
Status:by design
This is post was requested by Barbara Corso. In creating WHP curves and WH-infectiousness (WHI) curves (without using the WH model) Barbara ran into the problem that NAADSM requires that a value in the WHI curve must always be less than the value in the WHP curve on the same day. At some point during the outbreak it is conceivable that the only infected animals left in the herd are subclinical or clinical. If no new infections occur, shouldn't the two curves be equal for the rest of the outbreak?



Priority:not yet set» no action planned
Status:active» by design

The behavior described in the original post is currently what happens in the application: prevalence of infection can never be less than prevalence of shedding, but the two can be equal.

If a scenario that causes the apparently unexpected behavior is available, please post it. At this time, however, the application appears to be acting correctly.