Other applications, scripts, and utilities

The tools listed below were created by members of the NAADSM Development Team. As these items may be helpful to other NAADSM users or potentially to users of other models, programs, or statistical packages, we have published them here.

All of the applications, scripts, and utilities listed below are freely available to anyone, complete with source code, and are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License unless specified otherwise.


DistList is a utility for quick storage and retrieval of probability density functions and relational functions used in NAADSM, WH, and related applications. Instances of these functions may be created, edited, and saved in DistList, and then copied to or pasted from other applications as needed. DistList is available from http://www.naadsm.org/distlist.


DistMixer allows the creation of mixture densities from any user-defined set of probability density functions. Users can specify an arbitrary number of probability density functions, and can specify the relative frequency with which samples will be drawn from each of the input distributions. DistMixer is available from http://www.naadsm.org/distmixer.


NaadsmDataToExcel is a stand-alone application for Microsoft Windows that works in conjunction with Microsoft Excel to create a workbook containing the output data from a NAADSM scenario file. NaadsmDataToExcel is available from http://www.naadsm.org/naadsmdatatoexcel.


PDFCalc is a stand-alone application that allows users to create, edit, and visualize probability density functions, examine their characteristics (such as their means, quartiles, and other properties), and easily generate random variates from these functions for potential use in other scripts or applications. PDFCalc can also be used to produce empirical histogram probability density functions from data. PDFCalc is available from http://www.naadsm.org/pdfcalc.