Notes for international users

This page describes several problems commonly encountered by international users of the NAADSM. If you are using NAADSM on a computer using a language other than US English and run across problems not described here, please let us know and we will do our best to address them.

Problems installing NAADSM updates

NAADSM/PC update packages through versions 3.0.83 are known not to work with versions of Microsoft Windows using languages other than English. These older update packages depend on the existence of the directory C:\Program Files. On non-English Windows installations, this directory may not exist (in Spanish installations, for example, the default program files directory is C:\Archivos de Programa). This problem affects only update packages, not complete installation packages.

NAADSM update packages for versions 3.0.84 and higher do not have this limitation, and should work correctly regardless of the language settings on a particular computer. If you have difficulties with one of these newer update packages, or if you have a particular need for a non-English version of an older update package, please contact one of the developers.

Errors displayed when opening NAADSM/PC files

International users may experience problems when opening NAADSM/PC scenario databases with versions of NAADSM/PC older than 3.1.17. Upon attempting to open a database file, you may see an error message with the title "Unrecognized scenario file" and the text "This file does not appear to be a valid NAADSM scenario file. Please select another file."

If you are certain that the file you are attempting to open is an NAADSM scenario file, the problem may be related to your regional and language settings.

Older versions of NAADSM depend on US regional settings for display of things like numbers [a decimal point is indicated with a period (.) rather than a comma(,)] and dates (4/3/06 is April 3, not March 4). The Windows operating system keeps track of these regional settings, and if your computer is set to use something other than US regional settings, you may encounter this error.

This limitation was eliminated in NAADSM/PC 3.1.17, and it is highly recommended that users obtain the latest version. If for some reason you must use an older version, the easiest thing to do is to temporarily change your regional settings to US English when you run NAADSM. This is a change that you can make in your Windows control panel: look for Regional settings or Regional and language options in the control panel, and under Regional options, select English (United States).