Aaron Reeves

Postdoctoral Fellow

Department of Production Animal Health
University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine
3330 Hospital Dr. NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 4N1

Aaron -dot- Reeves -at- ucalgary -dot- ca

Roles and responsibilities

  • The NAADSM project in the United States
  • The NAADSM project in Canada
  • The NAADSM conceptual model and specification
  • NAADSM/PC for Microsoft Windows; unexpected errors or problems running NAADSM on Windows
  • NAADSM/SC for Linux/Unix; unexpected errors or problems running NAADSM/SC on Linux/Unix
  • NAADSM training in the United States
  • NAADSM training in Canada
  • The NAADSM User's Guide
  • This website
  • Advanced use of NAADSM scenario database files; data import from/export to other applications or databases
  • Information for application developers
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